Izhac Shinitzky Ltd. was established in 1944 by Izhac Shinitzky

Izhac Shinitzky was one of the pioneers in the new emerging State of Israel in the fields of electricity, industry and manufacturing. He was a man of vision and faith, who believed in the future of the State of Israel as a producing and exporting power.
The company (formerly called I. Shinitzky and Co.) was originally a factory for manufacturing of industrial machines. The company exported to Persia (now Iran) and Africa.
In 1975 the export turnover was 2 Million Dollars – and for this Izhac Shinitzky received the title of Outstanding Exporter.
After his demise the General Manager of the company is YgalSiniaver. Today the company focuses on supply and services to the industry, building and development, municipal services and infrastructure.
The company imports products from well-known worldwide companies, and keeps a diverse stock at the warehouse.
In addition to standard products, the company imports special items according to clients' specifications.

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